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People and Defence is a Norwegian NGO founded by the Norwegian Parliament in 1950, the main objective being to provide the Norwegian public with information concerning the security and defence policy as conducted by the Parliament.

The main objective for People and Defence has, since its establishment in 1951, been to work for peace, freedom and democracy. Norwegian youth is the main target group, and all our activities and publications are free of charge.

Our history can be traced back to the aftermath of the Second World War, during which Norway was occupied by Nazi Germany. The Norwegian Defence Commission of 1946 was tasked with reviewing the organisation of the Norwegian Armed Forces, and propose structural changes. In a time without the Internet, TV and limited radio service, the Defence Commission also proposed the establishment of an umbrella organisation intended to convey neutral information to the general public concerning matters relating to Norwegian security and defence politics through its network of member organisations. In 1950 the Norwegian parliament, Stortinget, unanimously approved the proposal and Folk og Forsvar – People and Defence – was founded on 26 February 1951.

People and Defence is an umbrella organisation and our 62 (as of November 2018) member organisations provide an important connection between the Norwegian public and People and Defence. Our member organisations are mostly related to different aspects of Norwegian Security and Defence policy and must adhere to liberal democratic values and principles. Among our members are also Norway’s two biggest labour unions; LO and NHO.  People and Defence is funded by The Norwegian Ministry of Defence, but is governed by a board of representatives from our member organisations and is therefore regarded as an NGO.

People and Defence main objective is to provide the Norwegian public with information regarding the defence and security policy as decided upon by the Norwegian parliament. People and Defence will therefore not promote any personal political views, nor engage in normative discussions. People and Defence will instead provide background information, present different arguments and facts and thus provide the Norwegian public with solid, trustworthy information.

People and Defence provide a wide range of activities which are open for the Norwegian public free of charge; seminars, lectures, study tours, publications and newsletters.

For any questions regarding People and Defence and our activities, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Last updated 8 November 2018
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